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Welcome to the Tuition, Medical and Behaviour Support Service website. I hope it provides you with all the information that you need to reassure you about the education that your child will receive whilst with us. If you would like any further information and cannot find it on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greg Portman
Executive Headteacher

Our Vision

We are driven to support each student, inspiring them to reach their full potential by removing barriers to access an aspirational, personalised curriculum; empowering them for the next stage of their education and beyond. We work to ensure that each student is…



Well-being is essential for our entire community. We work to create a safe, caring environment in which everyone is physically and mentally healthy, happy and ready to learn. Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do.

Overcome Barriers

Our students are able to overcome barriers as their specific personal, social and academic needs are identified and met. We strive to improve student resilience, motivation, self-confidence, independence, attendance and engagement with education.


We establish and maintain positive working relationships with students, parents, multi-agency professionals and the local community. We model these effective relationships for our students, providing the tools for them to form their own.

Lifelong Learning

We create nurturing, challenging and empowering learning opportunities for students and a good education regardless of circumstances · We offer a broad, balanced curriculum on par with their mainstream peers that is ambitious, relevant and accessible for all students; extending beyond the academic.

Developing a voice

We guarantee everyone within the community has a voice and that their contribution is valued.


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We improve future performance through the continuous evaluation of our practice · We provide opportunities to succeed while valuing and reflecting on times we do not.


We enrich the lives of our students, raising aspirations and extending beyond the curriculum.


We develop and celebrate the achievements and successes of each individual with a route to appropriate accreditation and qualifications.


We promote tolerance and respect for individual differences, abilities, needs and beliefs.

Yes to Success

We equip children and families with the knowledge, skills, independence and resilience to face next steps and future challenges; preparing for adulthood and life in modern Britain