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Ludlow and HAG 

Her placement was the main reason she did not take her life earlier in the year.

From Parent


Wow, what an incredible difference together you have made in such a short time, E is now extremely happy to attend school, no longer complains consistently about other students, she talks positively of her achievements and has even began talking realistically about her future.

E has most surprisingly also commented on how safe she feels, she feels listened to, she appreciates that she has been moved classes to find the best fit for her and believes this is to ensure her happiness.

E has begun to inform staff of her concerns and worries trusting that something will be done with this information.

E feels that she is treated with respect and at a grown-up level not like a little child, however she appears to like the boundaries and understands why they are there.

My husband and I simply cannot express what a huge weight it is off our shoulders to have a child who comes home from school happy and with enthusiasm about her day, it truly has made such a difference to the whole family. E now is calmer and more willing to 'play' with her younger sister instead of just being stroppy and sad.

Thank you all so very much, we know that she cannot stay with you forever but we are making the most it whilst it lasts.

She is really happy with everyone at the Ludlow Centre and the brilliant, brillant job they are doing with J, she couldn’t ask for anyone better to meet J’s needs.


This is the first time we have seen [him] enjoying school.


I am very impressed with the way which [he] has been introduced to TMBSS and he appears to be more comfortable with coming to school.

Very pleased with [her] progress so far.

[She] says she gets on with all teachers and enjoys several subjects.

I’ve seen a big improvement in her behaviour and she seems a lot happier in herself.  Thank you all.



I am really happy with the centre and teachers they are helping [him] with all [his] needs they are really nice people.

P's care home manager has shared regarding his placement

Thank you from me for your unwavering dedication, love, care, creativity and all round education that you provide all of our students.

Good Morning,

Just an email to say thank you to all that work alongside P!

P appeared very negative regarding education, reluctant to attend and continuous issues appeared to arise within his previous school provision which led to a very difficult period before transitioning to TMBSS.

Since he has been able to attend TMBSS there has been a huge positive impact regarding his mental emotional wellbeing; he has been able to express his enjoyment for attending the school and he has been able to re-engage with all core subjects making massive progress within all- his desire to learn has increased and Ps aspirations and motivation for the future has developed throughout.

P will often return home with a big smile and express how happy he is within school, he frequently informs all care team about his day- he is thriving within education and the support you all provide has been phenomenal- there has been such a change within Ps confidence and he has developed more sense of belonging and even built appropriate friendships.

Project farm has enabled P to gain further skills and understanding about his future wishes, he absolutely loves going and for him to request a second day which again you have supported to implement within his timetable is just fantastic – another Thank you for the careers support that has been offered to P throughout !

Cannot Thank you all enough. :)

Bridgnorth Centre – Testimonials

By Parent:

“Thank you for your lovely email. I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier but I spent 3 days crying….it was so emotional saying goodbye to you all. The gifts were from E she spent her allowance and chose them very carefully for you all.”

“I can’t thank you all enough for making E time at TMBSS so special, especially during COVID when she has had so much attention from you all. Your kindness, compassion, professionalism, patience and sense of humour has really helped my E blossom. She came to you a broken young lady and has left with so much belief in herself. It’s wonderful having my amazing E back. Thank you for supporting us, we were both very lost before she started with you. It’s such a shame that she had to fail in order to get the help she needed.”

“We will stay in contact and perhaps pop in to see you all next term.”

“1 million thanks for everything.”

“I want to thank you all so much for your help and support for FH this past year and also the help and support you have given me. I don’t know where he would be if he hadn’t been with you the last year.”

“Thank you once again I really do appreciate everything.”


By Parent:

“TMBSS provided a valuable service for us as a family from day one. Their personal approach provided our son with the confidence to progress with his education to GCSE Level. Bridgnorth Centre treated us with the utmost respect and care throughout. Without their support our son wouldn’t have the bright future he very nearly lost. Our utmost thanks to you all for everything you have enabled us to achieve”.

“To all the staff at TMBSS, thank you for all your support with J during his time at school. Thank you for everything you have done for him and for the staff.”


By Student:

“To all the Staff, thank you all for putting up with me for 2 or 3 years, I know I have been a pain sometimes but being here was great! Thank you for helping me through school and passing my GCSEs and helping me go to college. You all put up with a lot of abuse some days but thank you.”

By Student:

“To all the Staff, thank you for helping me to get to where I am today and supporting me, and making me make the right decisions, I do appreciate it.”

By Student:

“To all the members of staff, thank you for helping me. I had a great time there and made many friends as you have seen and I have learnt a lot so thank you.”

By Student

“Thank you so much for all your help and support, I really appreciate it. I am going to miss you all a lot and sending my luck to you that the next year 11’s aren’t as annoying as we were!”