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‘My grandson’s behaviour has improved dramatically through the methods used in the school. The teaching staff have earnt ‘his’ trust and thus have found ways of engaging with him which is where others have failed. In turn he has now found ways to express his feelings without the need to become frustrated. I, in turn, am kept fully up to date on an issue which arise and how the school have dealt with them.’ 

'This support is very much needed and the Harlescott Education Centre is run to a high standard. All staff are helfpul and always willing to listen as well as explain anything that you may not be aware of. Very individual plans for the children which is often needed. I hope the excellent work continues.'

‘I have had so much help with my son since he started.  They always contact me when needed and helped him to cope much better with school.’ 

‘Since our son started we have seen big changes in his behaviour. He now looks forward to going to school which he never did before.’ 

'Our son has made a lot of progress both academically and socially during his time at Harlescott Education Centre. He was made to feel welcome from day one and his relationship with his teacher is strengthening as each week goes by. He often discusses his targets and there are lovely reward schemes/incentives set in order to achieve. We have been very pleased with HEC and cannot thank them enough for their support and professionalism.'

'What an excellent report. We are so proud. Our child has come so far in the last 12 months and to see that he has a reading age of 10 is just outstanding. Since he started at HEC we have been amazed at the progress he has made educationally and his behaviour has been much improved too. Whilst we realise we still have work to do, our lives have been changed for the better, more than you will ever know. For that we will always appreciate your hard work and dedication to helping not only him but our family as well.'

'I have no problems getting my child up in the mornings since he has been at HEC, in fact he can't wait to hear the taxi and he is outside sometimes before the taxi arrives. He also seems more settled in his mainstream school in the afternoon. So all is good.'