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Permanently Excluded Students

Following a Permanent Exclusion

Following a permanent exclusion, a referral will be made to Specialist Placement Panel to request a placement at TMBSS.  As soon as a place is available, the student will be allocated an Educational Centre.  A home visit will be undertaken by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a start date will be agreed.  More information about what to expect on a home visit can be found in the 'Parents' section of the website.  The initial assessment period can last between 4 and 6 weeks, when a Placement Review will be arranged in order to agree the next stage of the student's education.

During the placement, TMBSS will focus on re-engaging students with their learning by developing positive relationships and providing them with access to an appropriate curriculum/timetable. 

Following a Placement Review

TMBSS will assist and support in all re-integration as appropriate. This may take the form of;

  • a return to a mainstream school via a referral to the Fair Access Panel,
  • a shared placement between a mainstream school and TMBSS, 
  • a short term continuation of support through TMBSS,
  • a place in a specialist provision or school that can provide more appropriately for the students needs.
  • supporting student and family at admission meetings,
  • providing advice and feedback to any new placement on educational matters and behavioural strategies that may have become apparent during the assessment period,
  • initiating an application for an Education Health Care Plan, if appropriate, or organise a review of an existing Plan.