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Monkmoor Centre

The Monkmoor Education Centre caters for children in Years 1 to 3, usually on a shared placement, remaining on roll with their mainstream primary school.

At Monkmoor Education Centre we aim for:

  • Children who are experiencing difficulties in school to receive their entitlement to a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum through their shared placement.
  • Children to be happy and enthusiastic learners who feel supported, valued and cared for in a safe, secure environment.
  • Children to develop high standards of behaviour and a courteous manner.
  • Children to value others, developing mutual respect for all, and appreciating the wide range of cultures and beliefs in the world.
  • Children to have the opportunity to work co-operatively and independently, taking responsibility for their actions whilst developing confidence and self-esteem.

Monkmoor Education Centre Timetable

  Morning Session
9.15 Doors Open
12.00 Session ends
  The children have a morning break and snack at a time decided by the class teacher.
  Afternoon Session
1.00 Doors Open
3.00 Session ends
  The children have an afternoon break and snack at a time decided by the class teacher.