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Finding the stride lengths of dinosaurs.

Within our education settings we aim to foster an interest and enjoyment of mathematics and its use in the day to day world in which we live. Experience tells us that confidence with mathematics supports pupils in numerous ways with living in modern society. Pupils need mathematical skills in order to successfully manage their everyday lives, e.g. shopping, budgeting and money management.

Mathematical skills are important across the curriculum e.g. problem solving, data handling, use of spreadsheets, time management, use of maps and charts, measuring and design. Many pupils enjoy mathematics and achieve well. Maths is a core skill, essential for access to employment opportunities and further education.

Our pupils also have the opportunity to access a varied range of Mathematical problems to solve. This builds not only resilience but also a confidence in their own ability to be able to tackle a challenge. These are the skills that our pupils then take out into the world with them.

Key Stage 3

The department uses ‘Numeracy Ninjas’ across the service in KS3.This programme has been developed to specifically target key numeracy skills that may have been previously missed in earlier education. This then enables pupils to access the wider content of the GCSE specification in KS4.

At KS3 it is expected that pupils will move on to full-time education in either mainstream or alternative specialist provision. The programmes of study in place will enable each pupil to access the KS3 National Curriculum at an appropriate level and in line with mainstream education.

KS3 Developing, Secure and Mastered Route Map

KS3 Emerging Curriculum Map

KS3 Working Towards Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

At KS4 the majority of pupils will follow the AQA specification for the new GCSE Mathematics specification 8300. If a student is unable to access these qualifications then they will be entered for the new AQA Entry Level exam. This can also be used as a stepping stone in Year 10 with a view to working towards a GCSE in Year 11. In some cases it is also appropriate for a pupil to have the opportunity to be entered for a Functional Skills exam alongside the GCSE.

The majority of our KS4 pupils follow a two year course with a 3 year course also available for Y9’s following a developing/secure or mastered scheme of work in KS3.

To accommodate pupils that arrive in the service in Y11, potentially having missed large gaps in their KS4 learning, an appropriate 1 year scheme of work has been developed.

AQA 1 year Foundation Curriculum Map

AQA 2 year Foundation Curriculum Map

AQA 2 year Higher Curriculum Map

Exam information

  • AQA Entry Level Maths
  • AQA Functional Level Skills 1/2
  • AQA GCSE Mathematics (8300) Higher /Foundation

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