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Interventions and Enrichments

To help enable us to fulfil our duty to provide a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum in the secondary centres we have introduced the use of bespoke interventions and enrichment activities.

Academic interventions are bespoke to each individual student and are identified using the results of the baseline assessment.

Academic interventions include the use of techniques such as precision teaching; look, cover, spell; time table games; telling the time as well as various computer programmes. They target specific areas of reading, spelling and numeracy. These interventions  are used to instil confidence, close any gaps in knowledge and/or skills by providing  the students with opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills that are necessary to catch up with their peers’ as well as providing the  opportunity for the student to make accelerated progress. Our most able students also have access to interventions allowing them to reach their academic potential.

Alongside academic interventions we also use a wide range of social interventions, these are used to encourage our students to interact appropriately; take turns; make friends and respond appropriately to the environment they are in.

Social interventions range from playing group games where students have to take turns and follow the rules of the game to participating in off-site activities or preparing meals for everyone in centre.

Enrichment activities are those that are outside of the National Curriculum but provide the students with opportunities to take part in activities that they will enjoy and that will enrich their lives in some way.

Current enrichment activities include: music sessions; construction course; cinema trips; cooking; art; outdoor education and trips to museums to compliment work that has been done in the classroom. This list is not exhaustive.

The enrichment curriculum provides our students with the opportunities to take part in activities they may not normally have the chance to and it is proving to be very successful.