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Key Info

How the Service is Accessed

TMBSS is a Community School, maintained by Shropshire Council. Information for parents about the Local Authority’s criteria for accessing the service can be found on the Local Offer for Specialist Provisions.

The Service exists to meet the needs of pupils aged between 5 and 16 countywide, who cannot be taught in school for a while. There are many reasons for this, including ongoing assessment of their needs, recovering from illness, awaiting a new or special school placement, having been permanently excluded from school or needing to work in small groups rather than full sized classes.

Our key purpose is to provide a high quality learning experience appropriate to the needs of the individual pupil. This will enable them to make good progress in their learning and personal development and restore self-confidence and enjoyment. We support the (re)integration back into the most appropriate education provision at the earliest opportunity.

TMBSS supports fair access to our provision.

Access to the Service

This is a referral led service. Places are on a commissioned basis.

  • Shropshire Council commissions 156 places which can be accessed by referral to specialist placement panel by the pupil’s school. Details of this process are contained in the terms of reference. The purpose of these places is to assess pupil needs and to prepare the pupil for their next step, whether it be a return to their mainstream home school or to another provision. Pupils on these programmes are dual registered and the cost is met through higher needs funding.
  • Hospital consultants can make referrals for pupils who are too ill to attend school and are still accessing hospital treatment on a regular basis.
  • TMBSS has some additional capacity that can be commissioned directly by schools, the LAC team and other Local Authorities when a pupil does not meet the criteria for a Shropshire commissioned place. On these occasions the funding is the responsibility of the referrer and discussions between TMBSS and the referrer will agree whether the student remains on school roll, TMBSS roll or dual placement.
  • In the event that all commissioned places are occupied, additional capacity will be used. However in the event that all additional capacity is being used access to TMBSS will be suspended until places become available.