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Associate Educational Psychologist

The role of the Associate Educational Psychologist (AEP) is to provide an overview of the key psychological principals underpinning the academic development and emotional well-being of our children and young people within TMBSS.

The AEP will work alongside staff and offer training through 1:1 consultation and via the Service’s Professional Development days. The AEP will work with pupils identified by TMBSS staff to ensure their additional needs are assessed at a timely opportunity to provide feedback with regard to teaching interventions and emotional well-being support. These assessments will also form part of the pupils’ reintegration into their mainstream school or progress onto their next educational setting. The advice will be shared with all appropriate stakeholders.

In April 2022, the AEP delivered the first of their targeted Professional Development Days.

Below is a summary of the content and information detailing the work that the AEP has delivered within the TMBSS Provisions.