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The Art Department at TMBSS are passionate about engaging all children in creativity and in raising self-esteem. Exploring a wide range of mediums, artists, and cultures.

At KS3 the focus is on giving pupils a broad experience, exploring media and techniques. Embedding analysis and evaluation in preparation for GCSE, and in line with the national curriculum. Our KS3 curriculum is project based, with 6 projects completed a year in 2D and 3D forms.

At KS4 we offer a pupil centered GCSE curriculum. Giving pupils the opportunity to make informed decisions about their project focus. We offer Photography, Textiles, Fine Art, 3D design, and Graphic Communication. For those pupils arriving with us too late for GCSE entry, we have levels of Arts Award which gives pupils experience in producing artwork, reviewing, teaching a skill, and researching an artist.

Throughout they year we also facilitate themed activities in secondary. These have an SMSC focus and give pupils opportunities for collaboration.

Art Workshop

In previous years students across the secondary centres have come together to create 'One Big Picture' as part of our annual art show. This has not been possible for the last two academic years due to COVID restrictions. This term the department launched 'One Big Picture: Apart Together' as a way to still provide opportunities for collaboration but keeping within centre bubbles. This term we looked at Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and students created lino and polyblock printing tiles depicting a 'dotty pumpkin' image based on her work. They also created A4 backgrounds which centred around a dot motif. All of these pieces were then complied to create the one big picture on display at our central office in Sundorne.