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Artists of the Year 2023!

Celebrating effort in lesson, challenge, and creative risks in Art

Each week Artist of the week is awarded to a student in each Secondary Centre. It is an award designed to recognise effort shown in lesson, students challenging themselves and students taking a creative risk in their work.

Mrs Lacey keeps a tally of all the students who achieve Artist of the week and for the student who wins the most number of times in a year they are named ‘Artist of the Year’ and win a certificate and a prize to keep their art skills progressing.

This year we have four students who have won artist of the week four times, so are tied for Artist of the Year! Huge well done to all four of you.

This year there have been 43 of you who have won artist of the week at least once, so a huge thank you from the Art Department for all of your hard work. Keep going!