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  • Making a splash!

    Published 15/03/22

    Children at Harlescott have started their swimming lessons at the Quarry Pool.

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  • There's a mouse in the ...

    Published 14/03/22

    Children at Monkmoor are continuing to develop their programming skills using the ‘Code and Go’ mouse. 

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  • Walk This Way!

    Published 11/03/22

    Children at Monkmoor have been on a walk with the Road Safety Officer, Mr Hughes. 

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  • Robots on the move

    Published 01/03/22

    Children at Monkmoor have started early computer programming today.

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  • Marilyn

    Published 17/02/22

    As part of their extended curriculum children have been learning about portraits at Monkmoor Education Centre.  

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  • Listen carefully while I explain

    Published 07/02/22

    Children at Monkmoor have been learning about the value of coins.

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  • Sportsability

    Published 02/02/22

    Pupils from the morning group at Harlescott participated in our first interschool sports competition at the Sports Village in Shrewsbury.

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  • Happy New Year!

    Published 02/02/22

    As part of their learning about Chinese New Year the children at Monkmoor made a popular desert using coconut milk, bananas and cinnamon. 

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  • How can I help you?

    Published 01/02/22

    Children at Monkmoor continue to extend curriculum learning into their playtimes.  Here science and literacy combine as the children independently set up and run the reception for the vets.

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  • Swimming

    Published 25/01/22

    Children from Monkmoor Education Centre have enjoyed their first two swimming sessions. 

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  • Liquid race

    Published 11/01/22

    Children at Harlescott have been investigating the viscosity of different liquids by holding a liquid race.

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  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    Published 06/01/22

    Children at Harlescott have been using the iPads to learn about stop motion animation.

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