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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) forms an integral part of the ethos of TMBSS as students are encouraged to make responsible and informed decisions about their contribution towards society and their health and well-being. PSHE education aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. The three core themes of PSHE are:

• Health and wellbeing
• Relationships
• Living in the wider world

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage three pupils are encouraged to engage through a variety of learning techniques in PSHE. Half termly units of work provide opportunities to explore a range of topics covering the three core themes such as; the importance of friendships, strategies for good wellbeing, managing conflicts and sex and relationship education. Pupils will also complete a careers programme investigating further education, finance and career opportunities for the future.

In year 9 pupils also have the opportunity to complete AQA Unit Award Scheme certificate to show their commitment to particular topics.

PSHE KS3-LUD – HAG Curriculum Map Year-1

PSHE KS3 Lud Hag Curriculum Map Year-2

PSHE KS3 Sun Bn Osw Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage Four pupils have the opportunity to gain AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates for each topic they study, providing accreditation for their commitment and hard work. At TMBSS our Key Stage four pupils will initially complete four topics which are:

  • Emotional well-being Education
  • Sex and relationships Education
  • Drugs and alcohol Education
  • Careers Education

Pupils also have the opportunity to develop further certificates in:

  • Diversity, prejudice and discrimination education
  • Healthy lifestyles education
  • Finance and money Education
  • Understanding the affects of crime
  • Community work
  • First aid
  • Citizenship

PSHE KS4 Curriculum Map

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